Snapeez Jump Rings

Snapeez Jump Rings
Snapeez Snapping Jump rings! Turn an open jump ring into closed - with no solder - just a brush, snap and wiggle!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: These are not intended to be used with beading wire.. but more for things like connecting charms to bracelets, creating extenders for chain, connecting clasps to chain, etc. These do NOT become a completely closed ring as there is still a slight opening that will have a little "give", but when snapped together, line up very cleanly and are very sturdy. But because of that small gap, they are not suitable for beading wire!.

For a look at the manufacturer's instructions on how to use these, click this link -->

Snapeez Instructions

SNAPEEZ ULTRAPLATE Ellipse "The Oval" heavy jump rings are in the shop. This is a heavy jump ring in 2 sizes: 8x6 and 10x8.

New for 2016: oxidized Gray Velvet Matte -and- Brasseria

2017 update: The vendor has discontinued BlackJack Snapeez Rings